Business Intelligence (BI) (for use in Israel only)

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For use in Israel only, the Business Intelligence (BI) solution is an innovative decision-making support system that enables Priority customers to "go live" in less than two weeks at one-tenth of the cost of comparable tools, without compromising on quality. The solution offers two distinct modules, commerical and industrial. Solution highlights include:
  • Sets operational metrics - sales, inventory, purchasing, finance and production
  • Alerts on irregularities and controls trends
  • Single version of truth¬†(data glossary)
  • Development and maintenance - low cost
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and reliable
  • Dashboard (optional) - Indicators and Trends rich graphics, computer and mobile
  • Builds self-reports - Excel and PowerBI
  • Data glossary
Commercial Module
  • Sales - prices are in NIS and US dollars, such as cost of materials, production and subcontractor
  • Customer Delivery¬†- meets delivery schedules and rates and quantitative monetary supply
  • Sales Orders - order fullfilment, difference between customer commitment date and scheduled delivery date
  • Monthly Stock Analysis - comparisons between months based on value of inventory, excess inventory, inventory historic rotation, future inventory cycle, dead stock, surplus inventory on hand/on order, etc.
  • Procurement - reservation price vs. previous invitation price/price standard/DID basis and order line prices relative to corresponding periods
  • Finance - profit and loss vs. performance quarter/previous month/year vs. previous incremental, budget trends and exceptions
  • Receipts and Payments - receipts and future payments based on sales orders and open purchase orders
Industrial Module
  • Production Reports - by work centers, work orders and orders for customer quantity production, work hours and machine hours
  • Historical Workload - actual work hours (standard) based on work center resources (potential)
  • Work Orders - amount and date of a sales order compared to amount produced, production start date and work order status
  • Production Planning Module - production level of product sold (production strain), production plan according to sub-assembly department level/work order/day

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