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Priority has a fully integrated construction module specifically aimed at organizations involved in land purchase, development and residential property management. Supported by Priority robust platform, the construction module gives companies in this sector a single, integrated system with all the required business processes. It interacts with all Priority modules to effectively manage the entire construction process, including CRM, Sales Quotations, Project Management, Finance, Customer Service and Maintenance. The Construction Module consists of several functional modules that can be individually selected depending on the processes required. The Contractors Module manages both the upward and downward contractual relationships between the company, (receiver) customer and subcontractor and includes:
  • Managing contracts between company, receiver and subcontractor with the ability to record quantity survey (materials required), turnkey contracts, recording index adjustments, offsets, prepayments and liens
  • Changing control of material orders – recording and tracking of change orders, supplements and changes of quantities or prices
  • Managing partial bills – billing the receiver, managing bills from subcontractors according to progress percentage, quantities reported and milestones
  • Quotations comparison – compares subcontractors bids and manages sub-level bidding, including ability to upload/download files
  • Managing subcontractor collateral (including any deposits) and insurance and managing terms, type, expiry dates and ability to extend/modify dates
  • Calculating index (inflation) changes and lien, including offsets and return of prepayments in partial bills according to individual contract terms
  • Back to back contracts, controlling and progress reporting according to milestones or progress, including managing price increases
  • Analyzing project cash flow according to bank accounts, payments and receipts divided according to different cash flow types

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