Delivery Tracking Module

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Supply chain and delivery management system

Our delivery tracking software allows users to easily track and control distribution processes.


• Make portable sales based on scanned documents in real time.
• Capture digital signatures of distribution workers.
• Load goods by packing crates/labels.


• Display the original customer document for signing.
• Capture customer signature, including name and ID.
• Follow location at all times with GPS tracking.
• Unload goods by packing crates/labels.

Delivery Failure and Driver Reporting

• Record reasons for delivery failure.
• Record driver remarks.
• Take photos of damages.

Task Management

• Manage customer-related tasks for drivers.
• Manage general driver tasks (e.g. vehicle servicing).


• Create return documents on-the-go including printouts on mobile printers.
• Manage and track inventory in vehicles.
• Update quantities of returned goods vis-à-vis relevant documents.

Support Customer's Business Processes (BPM)

• Update inventory documents' status upon completion of the delivery route.
• Offer full support of customized printouts for customers.

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