Field Service App Module

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The most advanced tool for field technicians.
Provides a full-featured solution for effective management of field service processes.

Service Call Management

• Manage all service calls (dynamic BPM).
• Access previous customer and device call history (Plug & Play) immediately.
• View real-time information displayed as pop-up notifications.

Field Service Inventory Management

• Manage inventory in technicians' vehicles effectively.
• Track inventory stored in company warehouses including other technicians' vehicles.
• Support on-site inventory transfer between technicians.


• Receive goods directly from vendor to technician.
• Manage on-the-go purchase demands for required parts.

On-Site Opening of Service Calls

• Allow field technicians to open service calls anywhere, anytime.

Service Call Reporting

• View report of parts used, labor, actual service provided vs. planned.
• Get report of malfunctions and repairs.
• See report of service call duration, including support of automatic reporting based on arrival and departure times.
• Review description of the repair (including photos), meter readings and more.


• View service call summary reports and checklists.
• Conduct customer satisfaction surveys.
• Capture customer signature on original system documents on touch screens and print them.
• Store the service call location and the signed document automatically as an attachment in the main system.

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