Projects Budget Control – Construction

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Priority has a fully integrated Construction Module specifically aimed at organizations involved in land purchase, development and residential property management. With Priority's robust platform, the Construction Module gives companies operating in this sector a single, integrated system providing all the business processes required. It interacts with all Priority modules to effectively manage the entire process including CRM, Sales Quotations, Project Management, Finance, Customer Service and Maintenance. The Construction Module is comprised of a number of functional modules that can be individually selected depending on the processes required. The Projects Budget Control module is an extention of the Priority Project Management module. This module is not only used to manage the entire project, its revisions and execution, it is also used to create and control budgets as well as costs and ultimately, profit and includes:
  • Monitoring and analyzing project resources from both financial and quantitative aspects
  • Collecting actual cost from documents across the entire system and categorizing them according to various project-defined types. For example, materials, subcontractors and overheads are categorizing according to:
  1.  Commitment (contracts and purchase orders)
  2.  Actual expenditure (goods received, invoices)
  • Comparing budget, calculated accruals and actual costs during project progress
  • Tools to define the expected final project expenses according to category at any stage in the process
  1. Compare current budget to original budget
  2. Calculate expected expense for the current period according to project progress
  3. Monitor online budget expectations
  4. Monitor linkage and separate linkage expenses from the total expenses
  • Summerizing analysis tools that will generate detailed reports, down to the individual transaction

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